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How to configure your Cisco router the easy way

Have you ever wished configuring a Cisco router was as easy as a run-of-the mill Linksys or Netgear? Cisco routers are extremely powerful but not-so-easy to configure unless you memorize a bunch of cryptic commands. Sure the ASDM makes it a litter easier but what if you want super-easy? I got tired of copying one […]

Dissecting and removing the SHV5 rootkit

Yesterday I noticed some odd behavior on one of the Linux servers that I maintain. For one thing, every time I would run ‘top’ or ‘ps’, I would see the following message Unknown Hz value! (75) Assume 100 I decided to run rkhunter to check for rootkits. Needless to say, I was disappointed to discover […]

How to backup your MySQL databases to separate files

I wanted to dump all my MySQL databases using the mysqldump utility, but I wanted each database to be in a separate file. I couldn’t find a solution online, so I wrote my own script. Here it is: #!/bin/sh USERNAME=admin PASSWORD=topsecret BACKUPDIR=/var/local/mysql-backups for i in $(mysql -u $USERNAME -p$PASSWORD -e “SHOW DATABASES;” –skip-column-names –batch) do […]

Remove Personal Antivirus in 3 easy steps

What is Personal Antivirus? Personal Antivirus sounds like a wonderful program that might be good to have, right? Actually, it’s just one of an increasingly common type of malware called a rogue anti-virus or rogue anti-spyware program. It appears to be harmless or even beneficial on the surface, but it’s actual goal is to scare […]

Blackberry purgatory

Blackberries. You gotta love em. They’re great when they work but sometimes it’s a challenge to get them setup properly. I must have taken at least three phone calls on Friday from clients who needed help getting their Blackberries setup with their corporate email accounts. Two of them were using BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) and […]

Control Panel won’t open?…Read this.

Here’s a tip. Occasionally you may find that the Windows Control Panel will not open, or it may open and then close immediatly. Usually, the solution is simple. Windows stores the control panel icons as individual files with a .cpl file extension. These files are located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Do a quick search for […]

Citrix XenApp Client Install Error – Invalid Drive

Today I went out to a job to fix a problem with installing the Citrix XenApp Web Plugin. The user had downloaded the msi file from Citrix but shortly after starting the installation an following error appeared: Installation Error – Invalid Drive H:\ Of course, there was no H: drive on the system. I tried […]