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Working with git

The Basics Download a repository from github git clone <url> Push changes back to github git commit -a -m “Commit Message” git push This will only publish modified files. If you’ve added any new files you have to manually stage them with git add <filename> Or if you want to stage all new, modified & […]

Mapped drives suddenly disconnect and reconnect on Windows 8.1

I was having a problem where mapped drives would suddenly disappear and then reappear randomly throughout the day. If I had any Explorer Windows open at the time, I would get the following message: Location is not available. <mapped drive> is unavailable. If the location is on this PC, make sure the device is connected […]

Users Prompted to Download, Run, Open Launch.ica File, Instead of Launching Connection

If this happens, try this: 1. Download the launch.ica file to a folder on your computer. 2. Right-click the launch.ica and click “open with…” 3. Browse to C:\Program files (x86)\Citrix\Receiver\Receiver.exe   The file will not open, but once ICA files are associated with the Citrix Receiver you should be able to launch applications from your […]

[WinPE] Autorun.dll is corrupt

When attempting to run setup.exe from Windows PE, you may get this error message The file ‘autorun.dll’ could not be loaded or is corrupt. Setup cannot continue. This will happen if you install the WinPE-Setup package without installing either the WinPE-Setup-Client package or the WinPE-Setup-Server package.  

Working with WIM files

Here are some of the dism commands I use most frequently. Mount a WIM file dism /mount-wim /wimfile:”D:\path\to\wim\file” /index:1 /mountdir:D:\mount Dismount a WIM file with commit dism /unmount-win /mountdir:D:\mount /commit Dismount a WIM file with discard dism /unmount-win /mountdir:D:\mount /discard Add a package to a WIM dism /Image:D:\mount /Add-Package /PackagePath:”C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment […]

Cannot open Exchange Management Console. Kerberos error. Access Denied.

This happened to me after we suffered a brute force attack on one of our 2 domain controllers. There were a number of services which would not start including the Exchange System Attendant and the Exchange Transport service. We were also seeing Event 2130 from source MSExchangeADAccess: Exchange Active Directory Provider could not find an […]

Disable OTA updates on the Samsung Galaxy S4

If you have rooted your Samsung Galaxy S4 and you want to disable over-the-air updates, you can try this: Open Root Explorer Navigate to /system/apps Rename SDM.apk to SDM.apk.old Rename SDM.odex to SDM.odex.old This worked for me. However, if you have the paid version of Titanium Backup you can use Titanium Backup to freeze the […]

Use MIME::Lite to create a multipart message with attachment

MIME::Lite is a great Perl module for working with MIME formatted email messages. However, one problem I ran into was trying to create a multipart message that has 1) a text version of the message 2) an HTML version of the message and 3) an HTML attachment. If I set the content type to “multipart/alternative” […]

Cisco ASA Command Line

If you work with Cisco devices on an infrequent basis, use this handy cheat sheet to navigate through the CLI.

Configuring a VMWare Cluster with 2 hosts and a Dell MD3220i storage array

I recently had the chance to setup a brand new SAN with two Dell R420 servers, two Dell PowerConnect switches, and a Dell MD3220i storage array with dual controllers. The goal was to install VMWare ESX 5.1 on the servers and attach them both to the storage array using iSCSI. We wanted to set them […]