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Some users and groups do not show up in the SBS Console

Problem If you do not create users and groups using the SBS Console, they will not show up in the SBS Console. If you create users and groups through another method, you can use this procedure to modify the users and groups so they show up in the SBS Console. Solution For Users: Open the […]

Mac printing to a non-Postscript printer

I have to admit I am not a Mac expert. I am a PC guy but I have learned a few things about Mac’s over the years. One of which is that Mac’s like to use Postscript as the default emulation method for printing. Unfortunately, not all printers support Postscript out of the box. In […]

Out of Office Assistant not working in Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2007

If you are running Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2007 (or Small Business Server 2008) you may experience problems with the Out of Office Assistant. The error message you may receive is: Your Out of Office settings cannot be displayed, because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later. In addition, if you open the Exchange […]