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Microsoft Office encountered an error during setup

If you are trying to install Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 on a computer that has had Office installed on it previously, you may encounter the following, un-helpful, error message: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 has encountered an error during setup This can be very frustrating since there is no error code or anything in […]

Windows 7 prompts for password even though password protected sharing is off

You may run into this: You are sharing files between two Windows 7 computers on the same network. You go into the Network and Sharing center and turn off password protected sharing. You try to access the shared resource from another computer and it still prompts you for a username and password. Here’s what I […]

How to configure your Cisco router the easy way

Have you ever wished configuring a Cisco router was as easy as a run-of-the mill Linksys or Netgear? Cisco routers are extremely powerful but not-so-easy to configure unless you memorize a bunch of cryptic commands. Sure the ASDM makes it a litter easier but what if you want super-easy? I got tired of copying one […]